A Few Things I Want In Life

I have a wife and son and when I look at their faces, every single day, I see the two most important people in this universe to me. I see an obligation to provide for them and meet their every need. I want them to always feel safe and secure with no worries of how we are going to pay for food. I want my wife to be able to do anything she wants, no matter the salary, because she know the bills are paid for.

Money is just a substance in this world. Sure, it allows you to do things together and have things that you want but money doesn’t bring me happiness. What brings me happiness is looking in to my baby boy’s eyes and seeing him smile from ear to ear. Just watching him chew on his little hand endlessly, brings a smile to my face. Watching him lay there sleeping, without a care in the world, that is true happiness for me.

I want to make my family and friends proud of me. When they are around me, I want them to realize that they had an impact on my life. I want them to see that little boy who went from not having much at all growing up to a man with a steady career. My hope is that, despite the distance I’m away from home, they will know the impact they have had on my life. I hope that they see a little piece of themselves and their advice invested in my life.

Lastly, I want to look in the mirror and realize that I didn’t take the easy route in life. I want to see a man who didn’t get by on handouts from others. When I see my reflection I want to know that I’ve done all that I can to be a good man. I never want to see myself and wonder why I haven’t done anything with my life.


2 thoughts on “A Few Things I Want In Life

  1. U did it all ur self u make and do for that wife and son of urs always put them first they will be there when ever the others turn there backs I know she loves u and that little boy adores his dad don’t let anyone take the joy of ur wife and son away most people will never see the kind of love u have proud of u and love u


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